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We specialise in the Physical Design of Electronics/ Power Electronics Products for Harsh Environments.

Physical Design:
All aspects of an Electronics Packaging/Mechanical Design programme, from writing the requirements specification, developing a design concept, manufacture of prototypes through to delivery of a fully certified product design can be undertaken.

Analysis: Analytical Capability encompasses both Stress and Thermal Management.

Thermal management is undertaken using a mix of applications, from simple spreadsheets to assess the outline requirements, Spice models for system level analysis through to detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models. It is not a case of simply analysing the design but assessing the requirements and providing guidance on what the Thermal archittecture of the product needs to be to meet those requirements.

Stress Analysis is undertaken using Classical analysis through to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, depending upon the complexity of the problem.

Physical design work is undertaken using Solidworks.
The primary CFD tool is Phoenics, although Flotherrm and ICEPAK have been used in the past

           Manufacture & Certification
           In addition to the basic design and analysis the following can also be supported:
                     High volume Supply Chain Management
                     New Product introduction and Certification

Example projects:

Renewable Energy:

Launch of a first Generation micro-inverter
Project Management, New Product Introduction, Certification
MSc Project - Wave/Tidal Power Instalaltion Challenges

Development of Pure Electric vehicle drive components:

50kW Bi-directional Inverters, DC-DC Converters, Chargers,
Management of bespoke gearbox design programmes
Demonstrator vehicle system integration
Hybrid Vehicle Power Electronics - BSG, ISG
Electronic Control Units - Mini Body Controller, Bugatti Veyron Transmission controller

Outside Plant - Ionica Base Station Power Electronics
3G UMTS Power Amplifier
Central office equipment

Naval Antenna Systems
Avionics technology demonstrators
Demonstrator Antenna systems
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